A circuit breaker trips when appliances in your Macungie, PA home, such as your air conditioner, draw more electric current than usual. The device trips to prevent fire from breaking out and to protect your appliances from damage. Find out why your air conditioner causes the circuit breaker to trip.

A Dirty Air Filter

An air filter promotes healthy indoor air quality by catching contaminants circulating in your house. The pollutants build up on the air filter with time, blocking airflow into your air conditioner. The system then runs longer than it should, attempting to draw more air through the clogged filter.

When an air conditioner runs for an extended period, it draws more electric current than usual. Consequently, the circuit breaker trips. Consider changing your air filter after one or two months.

A Dirty Outdoor Unit

The outdoor part of your air conditioner disposes of heat drawn from your house to the surroundings. Dust, leaves and debris may accumulate on this component, making it difficult for the component to dispose of heat.

As a result, your air conditioner works for longer hours to eliminate more heat. Consider scheduling AC maintenance services to keep all your heat pump components clean.

A Faulty Compressor

A compressor alters the refrigerant’s pressure and temperature to enable the fluid to move heat from one area to another. A malfunctioning compressor hard starts, drawing more electric current.

Consequently, the circuit breaker trips. If you notice your outdoor unit vibrates every time you start your air conditioner, your compressor may be faulty.

An Electrical Short Circuit

The coating of the wires in your air conditioner may deteriorate over time. This may cause the wires to touch each other, causing sparks. The circuit breaker trips to protect your air conditioner.

Do not attempt to work on your system’s electrical connections. Instead, seek the services of a trained professional.

Contact Sullivan Oil and Propane for exceptional air conditioning services. Our technicians can repair any HVAC problem.

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