Most Common Heating Repairs

Jan 25 2018

When the temperatures dip in Bath, Pennsylvania, the last thing you need is for your heat to stop working. But what are the most common reasons homeowners need furnace repair? Below are three of the most common reasons why your […]

4 Benefits of Purchasing Your Propane From Sullivan

Dec 29 2017

Propane is a major source of fuel used to cook food, heat homes, and allow us to enjoy hot showers. Our customers rely on us to supply their propane year-round, and we always deliver. Here are just a few benefits […]

Your Holiday Gift-Buying Guide for the Energy-Conscious

Dec 15 2017

Looking for the perfect gift idea for your energy-conscious loved one? Easton, Pennsylvania, residents should take advantage of this handy gift-buying guide no matter the occasion. Smart Thermostat Controlling indoor temperatures has come a long way from the mercury thermostats […]

5 Things to Check When Your Furnace Won’t Start

Nov 26 2017

Nobody wants to face a bone-chilling winter’s day due to a furnace failure in Easton, Pennsylvania. When your furnace won’t start, there are a few things you can inspect before calling in the HVAC experts. Here are just a few […]