Regular HVAC Maintenance: What’s in It for You?

Oct 08 2018

No matter how many articles you read about the importance of HVAC maintenance, it’s an easy thing to neglect — especially when your system seems to be running fine. For many homeowners in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, the cost of HVAC […]

How Wireless and Smart Tools Can Simplify Home Performance

Sep 18 2018

Smart home technology is becoming more and more prevalent across the Bath, Pennsylvania, area. This is because of the many benefits these technologies offer to homeowners. If you’re considering upgrading to smart, wireless gadgets, here are just some of the […]

Modern Air Conditioning Tips for Old Houses

Aug 15 2018

You love your old home near Bath, Pennsylvania, surrounded by history and friends! But when summer comes calling, you dread lugging the window air conditioning units up the stairs where they growl and rattle without offering much relief. Fortunately, you […]

3 HVAC Considerations for Home Renovation Projects

Aug 10 2018

Renovating your home in Bath, PA, can be very exciting. There are certain elements of a home that are often overlooked during the renovation process though. The HVAC system, for instance, is an element that shouldn’t be forgotten if you […]

3 Benefits of a UV Air Purifier

Aug 05 2018

You may feel that the quality of your home air is just fine, especially living near Bath, Pennsylvania. But like many things in life, appearances aren’t always what they seem. Your HVAC system may be harboring disease-causing organisms that you […]