Duct Sealing Services in Bath, PA & Surrounding Areas

Duct Repair

If your HVAC system isn’t performing to its full potential, there’s a good chance that leaky ductwork is to blame. For a quick and effective solution, consider Sullivan Oil & Propane’s affordable, long-lasting HVAC duct sealing services.

The Hidden Costs of Leaky Ductwork

To maintain climate control, your HVAC system needs to move large volumes of conditioned air through your air ducts. Unfortunately, many ductwork installations are prone to sagging and corrosion, creating gaps and holes through which air can escape. This means less conditioned air reaches its destination, which ultimately means less effective heating and cooling.

Even minor leaks can cause inadequate or uneven temperature control, making your home feel less comfortable. Your system may need to work harder in response, running more frequently and for longer periods of time. This often leads to spiraling energy costs, increased wear and tear and more frequent equipment malfunctions.

Do You Need Professional Duct Sealing Services?

Since air ducts are typically hidden from view, trying to visually track down leaks isn’t practical for most homeowners. Instead, consider calling to have your ductwork inspected by a trained professional. This is especially worthwhile if your ducts haven’t been checked in a few years.

In addition, there are a few telltale signs that often indicate leaky ductwork. These include uncomfortably stuffy air, inconsistent airflow between vents, fluctuating temperatures and steadily rising utility bills. You may also notice more dust as particulates are pulled in through air gaps and circulated through your home.

We Are Aeroseal Duct Sealing Specialists

If you suspect air leaks are compromising your HVAC system, Sullivan Oil & Propane has the perfect solution. We begin by blocking off and pressurizing your air ducts, taking great care to protect your sensitive HVAC equipment. We then spray a specialized sealant containing advanced Aeroseal polymer nanoparticles. These nanoparticles lodge themselves into seams and openings and bind together, creating strong and long-lasting seals. Because it’s applied under pressure, Aeroseal duct sealing can effectively eliminate leaks throughout your entire system. This allows us to deliver superior results with virtually no cleanup, helping you achieve:

  • Even air distribution and consistent comfort
  • Optimal efficiency and minimal energy loss
  • Stress-free operation and greater equipment reliability

Don’t let hidden air leaks turn your HVAC system into an ineffective and unreliable energy hog. Maximize the performance and lifespan of your equipment today with Sullivan Oil & Propane’s top-notch HVAC duct sealing services.

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