Homeowners in Bath, PA who seek an air conditioning setup that allows versatility, improved aesthetics and zoning may find both window ACs and ductless mini-splits interesting possibilities. However, the latter possess some definite advantages over the former. Here are three ways in which ductless systems are superior to window AC units.

1. Efficiency

Ductless mini-splits may cost more to install than window ACs, but they are so much more efficient that, before long, the cost of installation will more than cover itself. One of the primary keys to this greater efficiency is the ductless system’s variable-speed compressor, which can adjust the pace of its operations to generate either more or less heat transfer. As your heating or cooling needs change, the system can adapt and minimize wasted energy.

2. Versatility

An AC unit in a window will probably be sufficient to cool one room. A standard central HVAC system enables you to cool your entire home according to a general plan. Ductless mini-splits, however, can give you the best of both worlds.

You may set up a ductless mini-split to uniformly cool or heat your entire home, or you may divide your home into different zones and create a unique setting for each. The number of zones will depend on the size of your home and which areas you’d like to be separated. This versatility will make it easier to satisfy everyone who lives with you.

3. Aesthetics

The only way to set up a window AC unit is to have it jut through a window opening. This may be acceptable, but it will block sunlight and cause annoyance, in addition to sealing issues which cause you lose energy efficiency. With a ductless mini-split, on the other hand, you’ll have one of the most energy efficient systems made, plus the capacity to cool all, or a portion of your home.

You may mount the indoor air handlers anywhere on your walls, as high or low as you like. You also have the freedom to place the outdoor unit in the most inconspicuous location possible.

Overall, ductless mini-splits are simply a better option for homeowners in Bath, PA than window-mounted ACs. To get one of these systems, call Sullivan Oil and Propane, and schedule air conditioning services today.

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