Older homes in Bath, Pennsylvania, have plenty to offer, but if you’re shopping for one, then you need to consider HVAC concerns carefully. Although these homes have charm, they also could have HVAC issues that might affect your budget. 

Leaky Doors and Windows

Typically, older homes aren’t sealed as well as new builds. When air escapes or enters through leaky windows or doors, your HVAC system has to work harder to heat or cool your home. This inefficiency causes higher energy bills and ages your system more quickly. Before buying an older home, find out when, or if, the windows have been replaced. You might also want to budget the cost of sealing the doors and windows in your new home. 

Air Duct Concerns

Air ducts don’t need to be replaced or tended to as often as the heating and cooling system, but unfortunately, they are often neglected. Air ducts that haven’t been maintained or replaced often have leaks. Leaky air ducts contribute to utility bill spikes and uneven heating and cooling in the home. Aging air ducts also are often dirty and filled with contaminants. Before buying a home, ask the owner if the air ducts were replaced and how often they were cleaned.

Aging HVAC System

Before buying an older home, enlist your HVAC contractor to inspect its system. Find out the system’s age and how often it received preventative maintenance. Also, check to make sure the system is the right size for the home. Many older homes have aging HVAC systems, which would be a significant investment if the system needs to be replaced in the future. Older heating and cooling systems aren’t typically as energy-efficient as new systems, which means your utility bills might be higher than you would hope. 

If you are buying an older home, it’s important to have the HVAC system inspected before signing on the dotted line. Contact Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992 to speak to an experienced professional today.

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