Energy bills often increase in winter, even though your Allentown, Pennsylvania, home may be drafty and uncomfortable. Fortunately, saving energy and money in cold weather is easy. You can stay warm in winter with some simple changes like adding insulation, using ceiling fans, and taking advantage of sunlight.

Using Ceiling Fans

To save energy in winter,  change your ceiling fan from spinning counterclockwise to spinning clockwise. Just climb a stepladder or ladder and flip the small switch near the light fixture on your fan. When fans turn clockwise, they push air towards ceilings and then towards walls, distributing warm air without making a breeze. To save energy, let your fans keep running at their lowest speed in winter.

Adding Insulation

Check for leaks in your insulation that could waste energy or make your home less comfortable once per year and after strong storms. Many types of insulation settle and lose their effectiveness over time, and leaks can let dirt, pests, and other contaminants into your home. Leaks also cause water damage and mold growth. If your roof leaked recently, you could have a gap or hole in your insulation. You could also notice a musty smell if your home has a mold problem.

For extra protection, add weather-stripping to gaps in doors and windows where air comes in and forces your HVAC system to work harder. If any light comes through the bottom of a window or door, you can use weather-stripping to stop drafts. Replace it every few years to avoid too much wear and use caulk for smaller leaks.

Letting in Sunlight

You should let sunlight in to make your home warmer and more comfortable during the day. When you use free, natural sunlight, you won’t have to use as much electricity or natural gas, and you can help the environment. To save even more energy, keep your curtains closed at night.

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