Do any of your family members suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions? Here in the Bath, PA, area, summertime allergies can put a real damper on everyday activities. Let’s take a look at how you can keep the air in your home as pollen-free and clean as possible.

Get Rid of Carpeting

This may be a tall, or even impossible, order. But if there’s a way to manage it, consider removing your wall-to-wall carpeting and installing hardwood or tile floors. Carpeting is a magnet for pollen as well as other allergens, including dust and pet dander.

Every time we walk across carpeting, we re-release allergens into the air. Hardwood and tile flooring, however, doesn’t absorb and maintain pollen in the same way. Despite all this, if you really want to keep your carpeting, make sure you’re diligent about regular vacuum cleanings.

Forget About Drapes

Drapes aren’t quite as big of an offender as carpeting, but they do have a similar effect by trapping pollen and other allergens and re-releasing them into the air. So, try to ditch the drapes altogether.

If you’re truly stuck on having them, be sure to purchase a set that’s machine washable, and wash them every season at a minimum. And, throughout each season, be sure to take the proper vacuum cleaner attachment to your curtains regularly.

Lay Down Floor Mats at Every Entryway

One thing that’s worse than wall-to-wall carpeting is dirty sneakers on carpeting. Be sure to lay down floor mats at each entryway into your home. This will encourage people to kick a portion of the dirt and pollen off their shoes. An even better plan is to set up shoe racks. These will signal that, in your house, people park their dirt, grime, and pollen at the door.

Invest In a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Be on the lookout for vacuum cleaners equipped with a HEPA filter. These vacuum cleaners will be able to pick up particles as small as 0.3 microns. That means they’ll be able to pick up nearly every allergen, including pervasive pollen.

While we’re on the subject, you also want one more tool in your closet. Pick up a sturdy mop. The days of slosh buckets and raggedy old mops are over. Now, it’s easy to pop a little cleaning pad on the bottom of a mop and conduct a clean sweep through high-traffic areas of the home.

Keep an Eye On Your Filters

Typically, you don’t want to attempt any DIY projects on your heating and air conditioning unit. It’s a complex system that performs some of the most important functions in our homes. However, there’s one thing you can be vigilant about: the air filter. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the frequency with which you’re supposed to replace yours.

Typically, switching the air filters is an easy task. You can pick up replacements at your local hardware store and even the local supermarket. When your service technician comes over to conduct preventative maintenance, feel free to ask him or her to show you how easy the process is.

Consider Ventilators and Air Purifiers

Ventilators and air purifiers improve the air flow in your home and reduce the concentration of pollen and other allergens. If you have the health and safety of a family member in mind, you may want to consider a whole-house air cleaner. These filtration systems remove particles from the air in your home as it circulates through your HVAC unit. This will not only remove pollen from the air, but viruses, too.

What’s more important than clean air? What we breathe into our bodies is of utmost importance, especially if you have a family member who battles seasonal allergies or asthma. Feel free to call the fast, friendly professionals at Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992 for more information on reducing allergens in your home. In no time at all, we’ll make sure your home is a safe space, filled with clean air.

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