Winter in Bath, PA brings chilly weather that necessitates dependable heating systems. Some homeowners experience an unanticipated problem amid the warmth: bad smells coming from their heat pumps. Each of the smells your heat pump might produce indicates a different problem with the system.

The Smell of Burning Plastic

The awful smell of burning plastic coming from your heat pump may indicate that one or more of its components, such as the motor, are overheating. Turn off the heat pump right away to stop further damage. This unpleasant smell may be the result of an overheating motor, so you need to call us right away and request our heating repair services.

The Odor of Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs or sulfur indicates the presence of a dead animal inside the ducts. To eliminate the source of the smell, engage a local heating professional to check the ductwork. The unpleasant scent goes away as soon as someone removes the animal’s body, leaving your house free of the smell of decomposition.

The Smell of Burning Rubber

Never disregard a distinct smell like that of burnt rubber or plastic, as this is often an indication that there is an electrical issue with the heat pump. Only a qualified technician can implement the necessary repairs by opening the unit and determining the cause of the problem. It’s imperative to act promptly to avoid serious damage or a system breakdown.

Heating systems produce different smells for various reasons. Maintaining a safe and comfortable home atmosphere throughout the winter requires being aware of the smells coming from your heat pump. Contact our team at Sullivan Oil & Propane for dependable heating maintenance services and make sure your heating system is operating at optimal efficiency.

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