If your furnace is blowing cold in your home in Bath, PA, it’s an indication of a problem with the gas supply, pilot light, thermostat, air filter, flame detectors or condensate lines. Even if your furnace is new, things can go wrong, causing this unpleasant situation.

1. Incorrect Thermostat Setting

If your heating system constantly blows cold air, check your thermostat to see if the unit’s fan is set to ON or AUTO. The chances are, your thermostat is set to ON, in which case the fan will constantly run even when the furnace isn’t on. You should switch the settings to AUTO, and the fan will only blow when the furnace is heating the air.

2. Air Filter Is Restricting Airflow

A clogged heating system filter affects the normal flow of incoming air from your furnace. The common signs of dirty air filters include overheating and a constantly running heating system. Too much overheating will cause your heating system to start blowing cold air throughout your home.

To restore the flow of warm air, we recommend you replace the clogged air filter with a new one. A reputable company like Sullivan Oil & Propane will help with your HVAC maintenance.

3. The Pilot Light Is Out

If you’re using the old furnace with a continuous pilot light, you should check if the pilot light has gone out. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to relight it safely. Alternatively, you can call your HVAC technician to relight it and carry out routine maintenance if necessary.

It’s safe for homeowners to try to fix some of these issues. But if your furnace is still blowing cold air after trying those suggestions, you’ll need the help of an HVAC technician. Call our team at Sullivan Oil & Propane today for all your heating and cooling system services.

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