Hot summer temperatures often keep us indoors for the comfort that our air conditioners provide. Unfortunately, running your air conditioning at full blast throughout the summer, especially if you have an old cooling system, may cost you more in energy than you would like. If your have an older heating and cooling system, its time to consider an energy efficient HVAC system to help you save money plus enjoy the other benefits they offer.

1. New HVAC Systems Are Environmentally Friendly

Today’s efficient heating and cooling systems are environmentally friendly. They do not emit greenhouse gases, and they lessen the impact of climate change. You can appreciate that you have a small part in helping the world for the future.

2. Autonomy in Temperature Control

A new and efficient heating and cooling system will give you complete autonomy over the indoor temperature in your home. Most newer systems come with programmable or smart thermostats that allow you to set your own schedule. There are other features as well, including mobile applications, to allow you to control your home’s temperature remotely.

3. HVAC System With Little Noise

An energy efficient HVAC system will make much less noise than your old system. Newer systems work quietly, often with a variable-speed motor that keeps your home more comfortable while working at a lower capacity.

4. HVAC System Warranties

New energy-efficient HVAC systems include excellent warranties. You will have coverage if something should go wrong with your system. It’s important to schedule regular maintenance to keep your warranty in force.

Contact Sullivan Oil and Propane

An energy efficient HVAC system has many advantages to you and your home. Contact our team at Sullivan Heating and Cooling for HVAC installation and to schedule HVAC maintenance as needed on your new system.

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