Fall is quickly approaching in Bath, Pennsylvania, and asthma sufferers must take care to reduce triggers brought on by cooler weather. Starting in September and throughout autumn, ragweed pollen is at its peak. This allergen thrives on the season’s chilly nights and temperate days.

One way to reduce asthma triggers in your home is to change your air filter. Choosing the right filter for your home is easy when you know what type to choose and why.

Types of Air Filters

The type of filter you need depends on which allergens trigger issues and what kind of issues are triggered. Filters great for a dust allergy will not necessarily be great for reducing the symptoms of asthma. Types of filters include:

  • Mechanical: These filters collect allergens like pollen, dust mites, dander, and other particles on a screen filoter when air passes through them. The most common type of mechanical filter is a HEPA filter. HEPA filters must catch particles 0.03 microns or larger to benefit asthma sufferers. Not all HVAC systems allow for HEPA filters.  Be sure to check and use what is recommended for your system.
  • Electronic: These filters use electricity to attract and capture allergens and irritants on collecting plates.
  • Hybrid: These filters combine mechanical and electronic filter qualities.
  • Gas Phase: These filters eliminate odor and pollution from cooking gas, paint fumes, and scented perfumes.
  • Ozone Generator: These filters create ozone, which cleans indoor air. Experts caution that ozone generators may irritate lung problems if they create too much ozone.

If strong odors cause problems, then you might consider a gas phase filter. 

Call a Professional

At Sullivan Oil & Propane, our experienced indoor air quality technicians apply several techniques to inspect and improve your home’s indoor air quality. We offer several indoor air quality solutions including ventilators, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and purifiers.

If you’re a Bath, Pennsylvania, homeowner battling asthma and allergies this fall, give Sullivan Oil & Propane a call at (610) 810-3992 today. Our service professionals will inspect your home and work with you to create the healthiest indoor environment possible.

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