Whether you upgraded the HVAC in your Bath, Pennsylvania, home to a ductless option, or it was already ductless when you moved in, you might think you don’t need HVAC maintenance. While you can eliminate some tasks, such as duct cleaning and maintenance, from your to-do list, other critical maintenance tasks are needed to keep the system functioning properly. Proper ductless AC maintenance can help improve efficiency and keep bills low, so it’s well worth the effort.

DIY Tasks

Some of the maintenance tasks associated with ductless HVAC systems are easy for homeowners to do themselves. One of these is cleaning the filters regularly. Your indoor evaporator unit contains a removable air filter that you should clean as often as necessary, but at least quarterly. If you have pets or suffer from allergies, you should clean the filter more often. Another DIY maintenance task is cleaning the condenser. Head to the outdoor unit, grab the garden hose, and spray off dirt, dust, leaves, or debris on the coil.

Professional Tasks

You should bring one of our professional HVAC technicians into your home at least once a year for maintenance. During a routine service, the technician will check the electrical connections to make sure none of them are loose or short-circuiting. The checkup should also include an inspection for refrigerant leaks; a check of the run capacitators for leaks, bulging, or deformation; and an inspection of the drain hose for blockages. These components are all housed within the system, and only a trained professional should open the unit.

If the technician does pinpoint any issues, he or she can develop a plan to fix them before they cause your air conditioning system to shut down completely. Going without air conditioning even for a few hours can be unbearable during the summer, but staying on top of regular maintenance can help keep the system running year-round.

Schedule a maintenance service on your ductless system by contacting Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992.

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