When furnaces need maintenance, they tend to make some very strange noises. Squealing, rattling, and booming sounds coming from your furnace indicate it needs some professional repairs.


If you hear squealing while the furnace is on, that means something has gone wrong with the fan belts or the motor. If the squealing has scraping elements to the sound, that probably means something is off with the blower motor. It may have come loose and is hitting its case, causing that metal shrieking sound. When we deal with these problems, sometimes the solution is as easy as tightening a loose part. Other times, a part needs to be replaced.


The motor or fan will rattle when either component is worn out, so if you hear a rattling sound while the furnace runs, interior components need attention. If the furnace rattles when it turns on, however, that could mean you have a carbon monoxide leak due to a cracked heat exchanger. You need to call us as soon as you hear this kind of rattling, because carbon monoxide leaks are serious concerns.


A furnace will boom when it turns on if there’s a delay in the gas igniting. What that means is gas is pooling before it ignites, which creates a tiny explosion. Pooled gas suddenly igniting can crack the heat exchanger, which can also cause carbon monoxide issues. When we come to investigate this issue, we’ll look for a gas leak, clean your furnace burners, and check your heat exchanger.

Furnaces that use natural gas or oil and can cause carbon monoxide leaks, so you should never put off furnace maintenance whether or not you hear funny sounds coming from yours. Routine maintenance prevents problems from getting so that they cause loud noises. However, if you’ve skipped your last few maintenance appointments, it’s not too late. Call us for a check-up today at (610) 810-3992.

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