Does your home in Bath, Pennsylvania, have poor ventilation? If so, there will be a number of tell-tale signs to let you know. Keep your indoor air quality high by watching out for the following signs of poor ventilation.

You Feel a Draft

Your home should be sealed so that air only comes in through specific channels. Any time you feel a draft when walking past a window or door is cause for concern.  This means you might be exposed to things like smoke, exhaust fumes, allergens, and more on a regular basis. Because of this, you might even see a buildup of dust around your home.

The Air Smells

It’s normal for your home to have a certain smell. But when odors seem to linger in your home for days, then you might have a problem. This is a sign that air doesn’t have an escape route out of your home, meaning that you aren’t getting good air circulation. You might have a problem with your ventilation, which is something that should be checked out.

Your Health Is Declining

The most serious sign of poor ventilation in the home is respiratory symptoms in you and your family. You might develop a persistent cough or have sneezing fits that just won’t quit. If your sinuses become inflamed from the various allergens in the air, you might even suffer headaches and congestion. Worst of all, if you suffer from asthma, you might have more frequent attacks that make it difficult to breathe.

At Sullivan Oil & Propane, we have multiple solutions for your home’s ventilation problems. We can improve your indoor air quality by assessing the quality of air in your home, examining your air ducts, and adding air purifiers and humidity controls to keep your air fresh and clean. Just give us a call at (610) 810-3992 to get started.

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