The ductless mini-split HVAC system in your Alburtis, PA, home might occasionally leak water. Leaking is cause for concern and requires your prompt attention. There are three common reasons why water might leak from your ductless mini-split.

The Air Filter Is Dirty

The indoor unit has coils that can freeze when anything hinders the airflow. A dirty air filter allows dirt and dust to accumulate on the coils. As a result, the coils can freeze because the dirty air filter isn’t doing its job.

Once the coils get warm, the melting ice leaks from the indoor unit. You might notice a puddle on the floor or water streaming down the wall. An HVAC technician can check your air filter and replace it if it’s dirty.

Clogged Condensate Line

The purpose of the condensate line is to empty water from the drain pan of the ductless mini-split. But the inside of the condensate line will clog if it’s too dirty. If the line has a clog, the water in the drain pan eventually starts to leak.

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent this problem. If you suspect your condensate line has a clog, contact an HVAC specialist for assistance.

The Drain Pan Is Rusty or Cracked

The drain pan of your mini-split is often wet or filled with water. If the drain pan is more than five years old, it could have a layer of rust. The drain pan could also have a crack.

An HVAC technician can check the drain pan. Replacing the drain pan might put an end to the leak.

Repair Your Leaky Mini-Split

Contact Sullivan Oil & Propane for a maintenance plan to keep your ductless system running optimally. We’re here to help you keep small problems from becoming major repairs.

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