During the winter months in Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania, the temperatures can fluctuate drastically. Most of the time, it’s fairly chilly, requiring locals to rely on their heating systems to stay comfortable. However, this can cause a spike in your energy bills, which can impact your home budget. Follow these simple tips to set your thermostat on a schedule that will maximize savings while maintaining a comfortable home.

Establish a Schedule

The first step is setting up a heating schedule for when you are typically at home and awake. For most people, this schedule will allow the temperature to drop during the day when they’re usually at work, and then go back up around 5 or 6 p.m., when they’re returning home.

You can also set a time for the furnace to stop running or lower the temperature setting when you usually head to bed for the evening and take a break overnight. By setting up this type of schedule, you allow your heater to run more consistently to achieve the desired temperature, rather than make constant manual adjustments that require the unit to cycle on and off more frequently and waste energy.

Set the Right Temperature

If you want to maximize energy savings, it’s best to set your thermostat around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. According to estimates, you can save about 3% in energy costs for every degree below 70 that you set your thermostat. If you don’t mind a slightly cooler atmosphere, you can go as low as 65 degrees. When you’re going away, make sure to keep the furnace running to prevent your pipes from freezing as well.

Use Free Sources

The sun is a great source of warmth during the winter season, so keep your windows uncovered when the sun is high in the sky and allow its rays to move indoors. Take advantage of free sources of warmth, such as cozy blankets on your couch, to stay warm while keeping your costs under control.

At Sullivan Oil & Propane, we can help you maximize your energy savings, so contact us with any questions.

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