No matter how many articles you read about the importance of HVAC maintenance, it’s an easy thing to neglect — especially when your system seems to be running fine. For many homeowners in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, the cost of HVAC maintenance seems to outweigh the benefits. After all, why pay money to “fix” something that isn’t broken?

The truth is that HVAC maintenance is about more than repairs. It keeps your system running longer, better, and more efficiently.

Longer System Life Span

Routine HVAC maintenance is like routine car maintenance. Just as regular oil changes keep your engine running longer, regular HVAC tuneups extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Not only is a new HVAC system costly, but it’s typically an unexpected and, therefore, unbudgeted expense.

The money you “save” by skipping maintenance visits will be offset in the future by more frequent repairs and replacements. Lack of maintenance is one of the biggest factors that decrease your system’s life span.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system does more than heat and cool your home. It also helps regulate your indoor air quality (IAQ). During a routine maintenance visit, one of our HVAC technicians can inspect your entire system, clean certain parts, and make sure everything is running smoothly. He or she can also recommend any changes that would make your home’s air more breathable.

The solution could be as simple as changing your air filter more often. Alternatively, you could be in need of a professional duct cleaning, a whole-home air purifier, or one of our other IAQ solutions.

Higher Energy Efficiency

If you invest in regular HVAC maintenance, you should also notice a difference in your monthly energy bills. Systems that have not been properly maintained have to work harder, which often means running longer or less efficiently. That translates into significantly higher energy costs. According to the Building Efficiency Initiative, proper HVAC maintenance can reduce energy costs by as much as 40 percent.

Don’t put HVAC maintenance off any longer! To sign up for one of our money-saving preventative maintenance plans, call Sullivan Oil & Propane today at (610) 810-3992.

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