Furnaces make weird noises when they need professional attention, so don’t ignore your whole-house heater. If the system sounds loud when it’s on, it may have one problem or several damaged parts. That’s why you will need to schedule a furnace repair in Bath if you hear the following sounds.


If your furnace has faulty burners, it’s only a matter of time before you hear a loud banging noise. Delayed ignition allows gas to build up in the chamber. Because of this problem, a sudden, yet small explosion can occur inside the furnace. Although the explosion is small, it can damage the heat exchanger and surrounding parts.


You’ll hear a lot of rattling if a part inside your furnace becomes loose. Over time, some heating components can wear down and slip out of place. With a misaligned or cracked fan belt, your furnace will rattle and malfunction every time it starts. Waiting to fix it might cost you more money because a defective heating system can be highly inefficient.


If your furnace makes screeching noises, it may have faulty ball bearings or a broken blower wheel. These moving parts can dry out and break down as they age. Before they stop working completely, they will squeal and screech whenever the blower motor runs. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is to apply lubricant to the components during a furnace repair appointment. Annual furnace maintenance can prevent screeching noises by keeping the blower motor and fan belt in good condition.

It’s normal for a heating system in Bath to make some small noises when it first turns on. As the heating components cool down, you’ll hear a crackling sound. You can also expect to hear a humming sound when the heater ignites. If the noises become louder than usual, you shouldn’t hesitate to schedule a professional inspection. The extra commotion may be a symptom of a serious issue. Furthermore, a timely furnace repair produces the best results. Call Sullivan Oil & Propane today to learn more about the effective solutions for strange heating noises.

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