Aug 15 2018

You love your old home near Bath, Pennsylvania, surrounded by history and friends! But when summer comes calling, you dread lugging the window air conditioning units up the stairs where they growl and rattle without offering much relief. Fortunately, you have options and the following tips can help you decide which is best for you.

Consider Construction Challenges

Central air conditioning systems are widely used in new construction. Hot air is pulled from inside of your home, passed over cooling coils and the heat is released by the condenser unit that sits outside. Central AC systems require ductwork that could make installation in an old home challenging in order to reach all areas of your home.

Consider Your Winter Temperatures

Heat pump systems also require ductwork but offer both air-conditioning and heating in one package. While there are benefits of having just one unit that acts as both an air-conditioner and a furnace, a heat pump may not be the best option for Pennsylvania. When the outside temperature drops below freezing, heat pumps become inefficient and you may need a separate furnace to help keep your house warm.

Consider the Historical Significance of Your Home

If your home is historical in design and you don’t want to change its original character, then a ductless AC system might be the way to go. Like a central air conditioning system, a ductless AC system moves the hot air inside of your house over cooling coils and releases the heat outside. As the name indicates, however, there is no requirement to run ducts throughout your home. A small air handler is affixed to the inside wall of a room and a tube runs through the wall to the heat exchanger outside.

A modern air conditioning system can efficiently and affordably keep you and your family comfortable in the hot summer months. Call us today at Sullivan Oil & Propane 610-813-6555 to discuss an air-conditioning option that is ideal for you.

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