Clean-burning fuel is becoming increasingly important in a world with growing pollution. With diminishing air quality at hand, it’s important to consider clean-burning fuel alternatives. Some of the most dangerous impacts on the environment come from electricity production. The problems include sulfur dioxide, acid rain, and nitrogen oxides that lead to smog. So which alternatives are more environmentally friendly? Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is a great non-toxic fuel option popular in the Bath, PA, region. It’s smoke-free and consists of propane or butane.

Clean Energy

One of the biggest advantages of LPG comes with its clean energy profile. The gas is sulfurous and smoke-free. As a non-toxic source of energy, it can help reduce some effects of electric energy, including smog. Ground-level ozone, which is caused by emissions, vehicle exhaust, chemical solvents, and other sources, can lead to several types of respiratory problems. These include lung inflammation and asthma.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has been associated with negative environmental effects, such as climate change. At the same time, an alarming rate of acid rain-causing sulfur dioxide can come from electricity generation. To combat some of these problems, clean energy is needed.

Easy to Store

LPG is one of the energy sources that comes with impressive storage options. As a mobile energy source, it can be stored in traditional or bulk gas tanks. LPG can be delivered to your home, meaning that you can seamlessly use it for your daily needs. LPG can be used for heating, cooking, and hot water. Most importantly, LPG can be a source of energy in remote areas, which is why it’s often used in vacation homes. It can also be one of the energy sources to consider in developing areas where there are no main gas lines.

LPG is a cost-effective energy source that burns cleanly and contributes to good indoor air quality. Consider it for heating, gas boilers, and tumble dryers in your home. For fuel delivery, or to ask more questions about liquid petroleum gas, call us at Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992.

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