Nobody wants to come to work in a warm, stuffy office. However, it may be difficult for some business owners in Bath, Pennsylvania, to invest in efficient air conditioners. Fortunately, the handful of available types air conditioning gives you some wiggle room. Choosing the correct type of AC for your business ensures that you have money to spend elsewhere. Among these three kinds of air conditioners, one of them is bound to be just for you.

Traditional Split Air Conditioner

This is your standard, everyday air conditioner. It consists of an indoor and outdoor unit and a duct network that distributes air. Split AC systems are powerful and proficient at supplying and maintaining desired temperatures. These AC units work great in a large building that needs many rooms cooled.

Heat Pump

Rather than generating its own heat or cold, like a split AC unit does, a heat pump moves heat around. Most heat pump systems still connect to a duct system, so air can be distributed to different places. Heat pumps are significantly more efficient than split AC, but they work best in climates with relatively mild winters. The heat pump’s efficiency drops when the weather is extremely cold.


Ductless AC consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, but rather than using ducts to distribute air, the indoor air handler supplies cooled or warmed air directly to the room. This kind of air conditioning is excellent for small businesses where only a couple of rooms need to be cooled. Ductless AC is efficient at cooling a smaller area, but will be more expensive to cool a large building.

As you can see, the best AC for you will depend largely on your situation. Whatever you choose, the productivity that results from employee comfort will be well worth the investment. For air conditioning needs, give Sullivan Oil & Propane a call at (610) 810-3992.

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