After enduring the summer heat in Bath, PA, you’re probably looking forward to some cool autumn days, followed by beautiful winter snow. However, before you can actively enjoy the changing seasons from the comfort of your warm home, you need to ensure that your boiler is ready to take on its fall and winter job. Early autumn is the best time for this, and here are several ways that you can do it.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to get a boiler tune-up from a professional. We can evaluate the state of your heating system components and alert you to any issues that your system may have. In addition, preventive maintenance helps to extend the overall life of your boiler system.

Bleed Your Radiators

Fall is the perfect time of year to bleed out your radiators before you need to rely on them every day. Any radiators that seem cold at the top or are making unpleasant gurgling noises need bleeding. Use your radiator key to let out the excess air in your radiator, and be sure to have a towel or bucket under the valve to catch any water when it comes out. This will be completed by a technician during a fall tune-up.

Give It a Test Run

Before the cold winter season hits, you should test your heating system. Be mindful of any odd smells or weird noises that may indicate that there’s a problem with your system.

Get Your Fuel Tank Filled

If you have a gas or propane tank that’s responsible for supplying your boiler with fuel, you’ll want to check your tank’s level. Most of the time, homeowners will simply transition into the warm spring months without thinking about refilling their tanks and end up not having fuel when the winter season rolls back around. We can also check and schedule to get your fuel tank filled up and checked for any potential leaks.

If it’s time to schedule your fall boiler maintenance, give Sullivan Oil & Propane a call today. We offer professional and affordable services.

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