Looking for the perfect gift idea for your energy-conscious loved one? Easton, Pennsylvania, residents should take advantage of this handy gift-buying guide no matter the occasion.

Smart Thermostat

Controlling indoor temperatures has come a long way from the mercury thermostats of yesteryear. Smart thermostats allow a homeowner to control every aspect of their indoor environment, from the ideal temperature setting and humidity levels to energy monitoring. Stay on top of your energy usage and learn how you can save money simply by switching to a smart thermostat.

Outdoor Solar Lights

These long winter nights can seem even longer without proper outdoor lighting. Unfortunately, turning on the porch light draws extra energy, which adds up on your next utility bill. Outdoor solar lights provide the perfect solution for the energy-conscious homeowner who needs adequate illumination but prefers free energy. There are countless types of solar lights available, so choose a design that matches the recipient’s personal aesthetics and go from there.

Motion-Sensor Power Strips

Did you know that electronics continue to draw power even when we aren’t using them? As long as they’re left plugged into an active outlet, electronics and other appliances constantly use energy, even when they’re turned off. Fortunately, motion-sensor power strips can stop these “energy vampires” in their tracks. Using motion-sensor technology, these power strips automatically turn off once everyone has left the room. Your loved one won’t have to worry about wasted energy from power-hungry machines ever again.

HVAC Tuneup

Consider paying for your loved one’s annual HVAC maintenance this year! Every energy-conscious consumer wants to stay on top of essential services to keep their systems running efficiently. Regular maintenance reduces the chance of unexpected HVAC breakdowns and prolongs the system’s life, allowing the homeowner to get the most out of their investment.

To schedule an HVAC service, purchase a smart thermostat, or discuss other great gift ideas for the energy-conscious recipient, call Sullivan Heating and Cooling at (610) 810-3992. Surprise your loved one with the gift of savings.

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