The last thing you want is a furnace that quits working right before winter rolls around in Bethlehem , PA. With frigid temperatures a constant each year, having an HVAC system that functions well is more a need than a want. In this article, you’ll learn about signs that the blower motor on your furnace is bad or beginning to fail.

Poor Airflow

Your blower motor must push air throughout the ductwork in your home in order to heat it. Little air coming through these vents is a sign that your blower motor is struggling to push the air far enough through the ducts. The blower motor might be dirty or reaching the end of its life.

No Airflow

No airflow means your blower motor isn’t functioning at all. If this is the case, your blower motor will probably need replacing by a qualified HVAC technician.

Strange Noises

New noises coming from your furnace should always make you pay attention. Screeching noises indicate belt problems in the blower motor that need simple repair work to fix. Other noises to keep an ear out for include banging, hissing and grinding.

Rising Energy Bills

Gradually increasing heating bills almost always point to a loss of efficiency somewhere in your HVAC system. The blower motor uses more energy than any other part in the system, making it a likely culprit behind sudden spikes in energy costs.


Bad blower motors often cause your furnace to overheat. Most systems have safety devices installed that perform a shutdown when this happens, but you might notice a burning smell before this even occurs. Seek the help of a professional right away if this happens with your furnace.

If it sounds like the blower motor on your furnace is starting to quit, give us a call at Sullivan Oil & Propane and ask about our furnace repair services. We look forward to your call!

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