Improvements in heating technology can take your comfort to the next level while lowering your fuel costs. If your furnace is past its prime, here are a few new features you can look forward to when it’s time for a replacement.

Variable Speed Motors and Modulating Gas Valves

Today’s high-efficiency furnaces feature variable speed motors and modulating gas valves. These systems use a smart thermostat that assesses actual heating needs and relays this information to the air handler and burner. Electronically commutated motors and special gas valves modulate in 1 percent increments. Most of the time, your furnace will run at capacities as low as 40 percent. This substantially decreases your operating costs and improves your comfort by reducing temperature swings.

Hybrid Heating Systems

Dual-fuel heating systems are ideal for homes in Bath, Allentown and eastern Pennsylvania. They pair a gas or oil furnace with a heat pump or geothermal loop. When outdoor temperatures are above freezing, a heat pump can warm your house more affordably. The variable speed motors and air handlers that have made furnaces more efficient also reduce cooling costs when used with central air conditioners that feature 2-stage compressors. This technology helps you enjoy increased comfort and smaller utility bills all year.

Condensing Flues and Secondary Heat Exchangers

The downside of fireplaces is that they send heat straight up the chimney. Fuel-burning heating systems have the same problem unless they are equipped with condensing flues. This secondary heat exchanger converts wasted energy into usable heat before it escapes. Furnaces with AFUE ratings above 90 percent have condensing flues and sealed combustion chambers. At Sullivan Oil & Propane, we install gas furnaces with AFUE ratings as high as 98.5 percent. This means that just 1.5 percent of the fuel isn’t converted to heat.

If you have an underperforming furnace, we can replace it with a system that delivers greater comfort and efficiency. To learn more, check out our line of Carrier heating systems, or call Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992.

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