As temperatures dip during the winter in Bath, PA, you may find that your heating system isn’t heating your home as well as it used to. Perhaps it’s time to consider a new furnace. If so, now would be a good time to evaluate whether electric or propane is better to heat your home. Each of these energy sources provides distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, with a little research and analysis, you’ll know which of these is perfect for you. Here’s a look at some of the aspects of electric versus propane.

Utility Costs

One of the main concerns for Bath homeowners when choosing a heating source is the annual cost. If you’ve narrowed it down to electric and propane, the costs are quite different for each. One-third of homes in the United States use electric heat for their home as electricity is less expensive in that part of the country. However, propane and electricity costs are highly dependent on where you live. Those closer to the Midwest often see a bill of only about $1,500, including delivery for propane.

Lowering Emissions

The main advantage of using propane as opposed to electric is that it’s a clean-burning fuel that has almost no carbon emissions. Electric heat, on the other hand, uses energy produced by power plants. However, these power plants’ overwhelming use petroleum and coal to provide power creates tons of emissions in the process.

Cost of Maintenance

Regardless of how expensive your propane or electric furnace is, it’s bound to need some maintenance work at some point. In this instance, the cost of repairing your propane furnace tends to be less than fixing an electric furnace or the heat pump it uses to force air into the home. However, you can cut this cost or the risk of repair by scheduling a routine maintenance check or signing up for a service agreement. Not only will this keep the furnace running efficiently, but it will save you stress in the future.

Propane is a cleaner source of energy, although it may be a tad more expensive than electric, depending on where you live, so you’ll have to weigh both options. There’s no right or wrong choice. No matter what you choose, have our pros make sure your system is working at its most efficient level by scheduling a maintenance appointment.

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