Since a boiler provides the heat for your home in Bath, PA and maybe provides the additional hot water you need, having your boiler break in the middle of the fall or winter can be quite stressful. Since you shouldn’t expose yourself to such a risk, we recommend keeping an eye out for signs that your boiler needs repairs. Here are some indicators that you need a professional to fix your boiler.

Strange Noises

If you start hearing unusual noises coming from your boiler that you’ve never heard before, this is almost always a bad sign. Loud clunking, banging or whirring sounds generally indicate that some important part of your boiler — like its fan or pump — isn’t working. In that case, you’ll need to replace it.

Whistling or gurgling noises are especially troublesome because they usually mean that the water pressure in your boiler is too low. The most common cause of this is the accumulation of sediment and other debris in your boiler’s heat exchanger or other plumbing. Professionals need to intervene to fix this problem because it can render your boiler useless.

No Hot Water

This is an obvious sign that your boiler is in danger of breaking down. Many things can cause your boiler to stop producing hot air; sediment might block its plumbing and prevent hot water from flowing, for example. Low water pressure from your shower and faucets also frequently comes along with this problem.

Increasing Heating Bills

To prevent boiler malfunction that can cause heating bills to increase from ever happening in the first place, we recommend scheduling regular maintenance on your boiler every so often and remembering to never ignore the need for repairs.

Don’t ever ignore the signs that something could be wrong with your boiler. Call Sullivan Oil and Propane in Bath, PA if you ever notice things like the foregoing and ask our heating services specialists for help.

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