If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, reducing the allergens in your Bath, Pennsylvania, home can be of vital importance. You probably know poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is directly related to your health as well as asthma and allergy symptoms. What you might not know is that your HVAC system could be the culprit behind some of your allergy concerns. Check out these three ways in which your HVAC system could be affecting the IAQ in your home.

Dirty Air Filters

Your system’s air filters are designed to trap dust, dirt, and allergens, preventing them from getting out into your vents and circulating through the air in your home. When these filters become clogged, they can no longer perform this function, allowing the debris to make its way into your air supply. If you suffer from allergies, you should check your filters every month and replace them accordingly.

Poor Airflow

Keeping the air circulating in your home will help remove stagnant and contaminated air and reduce the amount of dust and dander that accumulates. A poorly maintained HVAC system or dirt and dust buildup in your ductwork can reduce air circulation through your home. Without proper airflow, you will be more exposed to pet dander and other contaminants that can exacerbate allergy symptoms.

Lack of HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance not only helps your HVAC system operate efficiently to keep your home comfortable and the air circulating but it can also be responsible for your home’s IAQ. During an HVAC maintenance visit, your technician will clean all the components of your system, removing the dust and dirt buildup. Without proper maintenance, this buildup can find its way back into your system and into your home’s air.

If you are experiencing worsening allergy symptoms and suspect they might be caused by problems with your HVAC system, contact our experienced technicians at Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992 today to schedule your HVAC maintenance service.

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