Maintaining healthy indoor humidity levels is key for homeowners in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, especially during the winter months. A lack of humidity can cause irritated sinuses, dry skin, and itchy eyes, while too much humidity can boost mold growth and cause a host of health problems. That’s why aiming for the ideal humidity range is key.

Winter Means Drier Air

Once winter arrives, the air turns extra dry from a lack of moisture. You’ve probably experienced this phenomenon in the form of dry hands, chapped lips, and irritated eyes in colder weather. While slathering on the lotion and lip balm can help, achieving a more balanced indoor humidity can prevent these symptoms from occurring altogether.

Aim for Maximum Health and Comfort

Research has shown that the recommended indoor humidity level is between 40 and 60 percent. The downside, however, is that keeping the home at 60-percent humidity in the winter leads to ice formation on the windows. It’s simply too much on those colder days. Finding the perfect balance between humidity and dryness is key, so aim for the lower end of the recommended range.

Stay in Control

Many thermostats allow you to monitor your home’s humidity on the display screen. With a smart thermostat, you can even check the humidity levels when you aren’t home from any mobile device. Having a whole-home humidifier can also help you control the indoor humidity.

On most winter days, you can get by with 40-percent humidity inside the home. As the temperature drops, so should the humidity. For example, when the outdoor temperature is between zero and 10 degrees, adjust the indoor humidity to 30 percent or lower. Since this requires weather monitoring, you may want to add a humidity control that automatically adjusts the humidity range based on the exterior temperature.

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