Many homes across America use propane as an alternative to electric heat. Whether you want to make the switch to a propane heating system or simply pair it with electricity to have dual fuel sources, you can rely on our convenient fuel delivery services. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of propane delivery for your Bath, Pennsylvania, home.

What Are the Benefits of Propane Heat?

If you don’t want to rely solely on an electric furnace, you have the option to heat your home with oil, natural gas, or propane. Some people use both electricity and propane to heat their homes. Propane heating systems tend to have a lower upfront cost when compared to oil furnaces, making them extremely cost-effective. They serve as a great option for homes where there isn’t a connection to a natural-gas line.

Additionally, you gain the advantage of being able to install the propane tank either above or below ground. Both installation methods come with simple refilling options. Our easy delivery services make it simple to keep your tank full all year long.

Propane heating provides optimal warmth when compared to electric heat. Electric heat pumps produce heat that is below your body temperature, but a propane furnace heats the air to between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a notable advantage during bad snowstorms, which Pennsylvania is well known for. Propane heat is also known for its ability to help homeowners cut emissions, making it very friendly to Mother Nature.

Advantages of Our Propane Delivery Service

It’s easy to forget to check the propane tank. That’s why we make it simple to stay on top of your heating needs. With Sullivan Oil & Propane’s easy-to-access portal, you can monitor and manage all your fuel services online. Need more propane? Simply log in to our portal and send us a request. Don’t want to use the internet? That’s okay. Contact us today at (610) 810-3992 to schedule propane fuel delivery. We make it simple and cost-efficient to heat your home with propane.

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