Nobody wants to face a bone-chilling winter’s day due to a furnace failure in Easton, Pennsylvania. When your furnace won’t start, there are a few things you can inspect before calling in the HVAC experts. Here are just a few items to check off your list.


Thermostats can be finicky, so make sure yours is switched to heat and that the temperature set point is above the room’s current temperature. When thermostats are dirty or accidentally bumped, they can lose calibration. Family members may also mess with the settings without your knowledge, so it’s worth double-checking the thermostat before anything else.

Furnace Filter

In some cases, your furnace filter might be clogged, which is why the airflow from the registers seems low. Check the furnace filter and other air filters throughout the home to make sure they’re clean and free from clogs. Dirty filters can block airflow and make it difficult for your furnace to provide the ideal heat your home needs.

Pilot Light

If your furnace has a pilot light (electronic ignitions will not), make sure it fires up. If not, there could be a dirty or faulty sensor or ignitor that requires professional attention. You can also check your furnace’s error codes against the user manual to make sure the problem isn’t more serious. Only do this if you feel comfortable, however.

Power Supply

In some cases, your furnace may not start because it’s disconnected from the power supply. Even gas systems require electricity, so if the power is out or there’s a tripped breaker, it won’t fire up. Check your home’s electrical panel and reset it if necessary, then make sure the furnace’s power switch is set to the “on” position.

Gas Supply

Finally, make sure the furnace’s gas supply is open, as any disruption will leave your heating system without fuel.

When in doubt, call Sullivan at (610) 810-3992 for a professional heating inspection and servicing. We’ll offer a quick solution that gets your furnace back up and running in no time.

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