If your Allentown, Pennsylvania, home constantly struggles with indoor air quality issues, you may need more than frequent HVAC filter changes or a whole-home air purifier to resolve the problem. From eliminating stale air to moderating humidity, learn about four ways ventilators can improve indoor air quality.

Eliminate Stale Air

A tight building envelope is helpful for increasing efficiency in your home and making sure your cooling system wastes minimal energy. In some cases, however, a tight building envelope can also prevent your home from cycling stale air out and drawing fresh air in naturally. At Sullivan Oil & Propane, we recommend solving this indoor air quality problem with a ventilator that works directly with your HVAC system. These ventilators replace old air with new air around the clock, so your home always smells and feels fresh.

Filter Out Impurities

As ventilators work to cycle air through your home, they also filter out impurities. In fact, Performance heat-recovery ventilators pre-filter the incoming air to decrease the level of contaminants that enter your home. That means fewer pollutants or seasonal allergens from the outdoors and improved indoor air quality inside.

Moderate Humidity Levels

Excess moisture in your home’s air supply can make indoor air quality issues worse, as high humidity can cause dust mites and biological growth to thrive. Fortunately, Comfort energy-recovery ventilators are designed to mitigate the moisture from the incoming air. That means your family will enjoy more pleasant humidity levels and fewer dust mites, biological growth, and volatile organic compound (VOC) problems.

Increase HVAC Efficiency

One of the biggest perks of a heat- or energy-recovery ventilator is that it helps your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace do its job more efficiently. With the right ventilator, you can look forward to cleaner air and optimal heating and cooling all year long.

Ready to find the ideal ventilator to improve indoor air quality in your home? Call the ventilation experts at Sullivan Oil & Propane today at (610) 810-3992.

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