Bath, PA residents want their heating system to work properly during the frigid winter months. If you aren’t familiar with furnaces, you may not even know that yours is having issues. The following are four signs that your furnace is running inefficiently.

1. Your Heating Bills are Higher

Compare your Bath, PA heating bills to the cost at the same time the year prior. They may be slightly higher, but you have an issue on your hands if your bills are more than 20% higher. That’s a clear sign that something is happening internally with your heating system, so have someone inspect it as soon as possible.

2. The Heating Is Inconsistent

A clear sign that there’s an issue with your furnace is that some areas in your home are warmer than other rooms. Of course, you could raise your thermostat to combat this issue, but that would raise your energy bills. Get your furnace checked out to see if it’s providing warm air to all rooms. Uneven cooling could indicate a problem with the ductwork, or a weak blower motor.

3. Your Furnace Is Making Noises

Furnaces making low noises are normal, but they don’t just make odd noises for no reason. A clanging, rattling or grinding noise in an HVAC system when it’s running signals something is malfunctioning.

4. Your Furnace Is Turning On and Off Frequently

Your furnace should have a consistent cycle of turning on and off to maintain efficiency while properly heating your home. Turning on and off in short cycles is an indication something is wrong.

Get It Fixed Today

The last thing you want is a furnace that doesn’t heat at all. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, contact our heating system pros at Sullivan Oil and Propane right away. Our technicians are well-qualified to repair all makes and models of heating systems.

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