There’s nothing more important than the health of your family, yet many people unknowingly pollute the air in their own home. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, follow these simple tips to reduce indoor air pollution in your Bath, Pennsylvania, home and have your entire family breathing easy.

Get an Indoor Air Quality Audit

The first step towards making the air in your home pure is to get an indoor air quality audit from a reputable HVAC company. During these audits, technicians assess the air quality in the home, examine ductwork and HVAC systems for contaminants, and then offer advice to help improve your air quality. For a small price, you get great recommendations, and more importantly, you get peace of mind.

Add Some Houseplants

Believe it or not, houseplants greatly improve indoor air purity. During their life cycle, plants take in carbon dioxide, and during this process, they also remove dangerous particulates from the air. Boston ferns, lilies, and Aloe vera are just a few of the plants that add to the decor of your home, excellently filter the air, and are easy to care for, even for the novice gardener.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Harsh chemicals found in household cleaning products are another huge culprit when it comes to poisoning indoor air. They contain fumes that irritate the throat and lungs, causing respiratory problems over time or causing existing problems, such as asthma, to worsen. To counteract this effect, try to buy green cleaning products with the OMRI logo, and avoid aerosols as much as possible.

Don’t Smoke Inside

Never allow family members or friends smoke in the house. Cigarette smoke contains hundreds of harmful substances that settle on surfaces, particularly fabric and carpet. Plus, it’s exceptionally unhealthy for small children.

Improving the air quality of your home doesn’t take much effort; it just takes a little common sense. If you’re not sure where to start or just need more information on improving indoor air quality, contact the experts at Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992 today.

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