Thermostats are great for managing house temperatures in Wind Gap, PA because they conserve energy. However, if they’re not used properly, you may end up facing high utility bills. Here are four typical thermostat errors you should avoid.

1. Buying the Wrong Model

When purchasing a new configurable thermostat, selecting one that is well-suited to your routine is critical. A 5+2 model will provide you with separate configurations for the Monday through Friday routine and weekend activities if you work throughout the week and spend your weekends indoors. A 7-day option is a better alternative if your schedule fluctuates day to day.

2. Maintaining a Comfortable Home While You’re Away

Even if you want to return to a cool house, you don’t have to keep the temperature low all day. You may set up a programmable thermostat to start cooling the house shortly before you arrive. In the meanwhile, keep the house 10-15 degrees warmer when you’re away to save electricity.

3. Excessive Cooling at Night

Because you’re usually inactive at night, this is an excellent time to raise your thermostat setting. If you’re having trouble with this, consider wearing lighter pajamas and sheets to compensate. You may also use a fan rather than your air conditioning unit to chill your bedroom in order to use less electricity.

4. Frequent Temperature Adjustments

Maintaining set settings for eight hours in a day can maximize your HVAC system’s efficiency. If you’re continuously adjusting the temperature, your system is overworking.

Find a suitable set point in which you can keep for lengthy periods. You should ideally schedule your weekly and daily temperature settings once and refrain from making one-time changes during the day.

Contact Sullivan Oil & Propane for comprehensive HVAC maintenance services in Wind Gap, PA. Our experienced service technicians also deal with heating, furnaces, air conditioning and indoor air quality services.

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