Propane is a gas which is compressible and transported as a liquid. The by-product of natural gas is comfortably used in cooking and heating in your Bethleham, PA, home. Learn about the benefits of using residential propane in your home for energy needs.

1. More Energy With Less Effort

Propane is a higher energy alternative when compared to other types of fuels. Apart from being quick and effective, it produces more energy than electric power.

Additionally, it heats water in less than a quarter the time it takes electricity. Thus, less time is spent warming your home up. Using less energy means saving costs.

2. Propane is More Efficient

It is cheaper since it uses less fuel per unit than other fuel sources such as gas and electricity. Moreover, the fuel source heats quickly; hence, you use less energy to heat your home. With the natural resources diminishing, oil has become a valuable fuel source.

This gas has become an alternative since it is not only cheaper, but it also saves on energy bills.

3. Propane is Environmentally Safe

The Clean Air and Energy Policy Act considers this gas a clean fuel. When compared to other energy sources, it emits 90% less carbon monoxide and 60% fewer toxins.

Propane is a clean fossil fuel that is not harmful when exposed to water, air, and soil. It is stored in underground tanks making it hard for the tanks to leak or damage.

4. Reliable During Emergencies

You have your power out? Don’t worry about heating appliances and hot water if you have residential propane. Since it is not powered by electricity, it is one of the most reliable sources of energy when you have emergencies at home.

Sullivan Oil and Propane has decades of heating, cooling, and propane solutions experience. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers. For more information about choosing the best fuel for your energy needs, call our team.

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