Kunkletown, Pennsylvania, weather is all over the place — we’ve all experienced the effects caused by jumping from hot summers to the long, cold winters seemingly overnight. The resulting dry air during the fall and winter can cause many problems for your family and home, and a humidifier can solve most of them. Here are four benefits of using a humidifier.

Reduce Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

As we mentioned above, dry air means dry sinuses. And dry sinuses means you, and especially your little ones, are prone to experience more asthma and allergy symptoms. There are plenty of steps you can take to alleviate asthma and allergy irritants, including maintaining proper humidity.

Keep Your Skin and Hair Hydrated

Dry air is awful for your skin and hair; plus, your hair gets more fragile during the winter. Your skin and your family’s can get itchy, dry, and cracked when there isn’t enough humidity in the air. A humidifier helps fight the dry air and helps you all feel more comfortable.

Fight the Flu

Studies have shown that proper humidity levels can keep influenza away from your home. If you stay on top of dry air in your home, you can lower the flu’s ability to infect your family by more than 40%. Whether you use a portable humidifier or a whole-home humidifier, purchasing one before winter hits is recommended.

Maintain Your Home’s Strength

If you have a lot of wooden furniture, dry air can damage their structure. Most importantly, the wood that makes your home livable is also being damaged by the dry air that comes with winter. Properly humidifying your home can stop cracks around windows and cause structural problems elsewhere.

Adding a humidifier to your home is just one of the ways you can make sure that your family is healthy and happy during the winter. If you’re looking to add a humidifier to your home, you can always contact us at Sullivan Oil and Propane to prepare for the winter. Visit our website or give us a call at (610) 810-3992.

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