Propane is an impressively versatile energy source that, in many cases, can operate critical appliances in your Easton, PA home more efficiently than more typical types of power. Here are a few areas in the home where you can put propane gas to excellent use.

1. Home Heating

If propane can heat a grill or an oven cooktop, it can heat your home, too. Gas furnaces are often more reliable than traditional electric systems, especially when winter storms knock out the power. Typically, gas furnaces last up to 20 years, while most electric heating appliances last around 15 years.

2. Water

Tankless, propane-based water heaters generally meet far higher standards of efficiency than electric water heaters do. Furthermore, tankless heaters are smaller, less expensive and heat water faster. If you happen to prefer tanked water heaters, you can also power these with gas.

3. Backup Generators

Backup generators are a great tool for your home. Gas-powered generators are an especially good investment for homeowners in Easton, PA where more than 2 feet of snow falls each year. With a propane generator, you’ll be able to light your home, keep your food from going bad, maintain your sump pump in operation and do other essential things in case of an emergency.

Having sufficient gas to power the generator (or other things that you need to power more directly) is also simple, since we offer home fuel delivery services. You request propane in whatever quantities you need to keep your generator humming along for as long as necessary.

Propane gas is a potent and practical general-purpose energy source. To set up your home in Easton, PA to use it, call Sullivan Oil and Propane and request our wide-ranging energy services.

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