Improving your home’s heating efficiency not only lowers your utility bills, but it can also extend the life of your heater. Whether you’re using an oil-fired boiler to heat your home or a standard furnace, your heating efficiency is impacted by your thermostat. Keep reading to learn about three thermostat tricks you can use to improve your Bath, Pennsylvania, home’s heating efficiency.

Install a Digital Thermostat

Use a digital thermostat to improve heating efficiency. With older, non-digital thermostats, you never know the exact degree you have the temperature set on. This can increase your heating bills and reduce heating efficiency. A digital thermostat, however, gives you complete control over your temperature setting.

Watch Your Temperature Settings

During the cooler months, set the thermostat to 68 degrees while you’re awake. At night, adjust it to 7-10 degrees lower. Sleep with an extra-heavy comforter to keep yourself warm. By adjusting the temperature in this way, the heater doesn’t work as hard to heat your home, which increases heating efficiency. You can apply this same tip in reverse during the warmer months to save on your cooling expenses. Adjust the temperature to 78 degrees while you’re awake. When you plan on being away from home adjust your thermostat to 80 degrees. Use a programmable thermostat to eliminate having to manually adjust the temperature.

Download a Thermostat App

Another simple way to improve heating efficiency is by using a thermostat app. To take advantage of this tip, you’ll need a Wi-Fi-connected thermostat, which can easily be installed by a professional HVAC contractor. The thermostat connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and communicates with your heating system. You simply download a compatible app that gives you control over the thermostat. On the app, you can view your home’s temperature and adjust it to a more moderate temperature when you’re away.

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