Renovating your home in Bath, PA, can be very exciting. There are certain elements of a home that are often overlooked during the renovation process though. The HVAC system, for instance, is an element that shouldn’t be forgotten if you want the renovation to be as successful as possible. The guide that follows walks you through three things you need to consider with your HVAC system during a renovation project.

Protect Your HVAC System During the Reno Process

During renovations, contractors cut wood, drywall, or tile that can produce a lot of dust. Close all of the vents to your ductwork to keep dust and debris from collecting in them. Ask the contractors to do their cutting in an area that won’t cause the dust to blow into the HVAC unit. Dust can clog the working parts and cause the unit not to function properly.

Increase the Size of Your Air Conditioner and Furnace

The best time to update the air conditioner and furnace in your house is during a renovation job. If you are adding square footage to the house, the units you already have may not be sufficient to heat and cool the additional space. You could also upgrade to an energy-efficient option, so you can start saving money on your monthly heating and cooling costs right away.

Add or Reconfigure Ductwork

If you are changing the layout of your home or adding more square footage, you may need to reconfigure or add ductwork. Making these changes while the renovation is taking place will save time and money in the long run. Drywall won’t be in place during certain stages of the renovation and it can be a great time to add or move around the ductwork while the walls are open and accessible.

Before you start your renovation project, get an estimate for an upgrade to your current HVAC unit and see if any new ducts should be added or if your existing system needs to be reconfigured. This will help you determine if updates to your HVAC system fit into your budget or not. Feel free to call us at any time at (610) 810-3992.

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