Each day, a new piece of technology designed to make our lives easier and run more smoothly enters the market. Products to keep you and your home warm during a freezing Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, winter are no exception.

Smart thermostats and innovative heating control devices are among some new pieces of technology that can help you stay warmer in your home this winter.

Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat takes smart technology to a new level and becomes the heart of your smarter home. The sensors in the system can adapt to your lifestyle. Plus, if you have both a furnace and a heat pump, the Hybrid Heat system function saves you energy while heating your home.

Most conveniently, you can connect with your thermostat and control furnace settings and temperatures from an app on your phone or tablet.


If you’ve ever wanted a smart home without the cost to build one, BeHome247 may be your best option. This software kit turns your existing home into a smart home.

With BeHome247, you’re able to control your locks, motion sensors, cameras, and even your thermostat. Create settings for specific times of day, such as at bedtime or at work in the office. You can also turn on your fuel-source fireplace when you’re a few minutes away from home.

INVERTER Technology for Ductless Heating Units

While the INVERTER isn’t a new tech device, this new technology creates a warm and inviting home. Your home will heat up quicker than using other standard ductless products, and your energy use will remain even and steady, avoiding the spikes that trigger higher energy costs.

New tech devices and technologies like those described here can heat your home, cut your energy costs, and give you more control over your environment. If you want to learn more about the latest advances in heating and cooling for your home, or schedule an installation for a new heater from one of our service professionals, contact us at Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992.

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