Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, homeowners need to know which furnace noises mean trouble. If you’re not quite sure whether the noises coming from your home furnace need attention, you’ll find this practical guide helpful. Learning about three furnace noises that indicate a technician’s visit is warranted, will make it easier for you to enjoy a safe and comfortable home.

Furnace Making Banging Noises Aren’t a Good Thing

Some homeowners hear loud banging noises, when they turn off their furnaces. Others describe the loud noises as booms. If you’re having the same experience, gas build-up may be to blame. Loud bangs or booms should never be ignored, as these noises sometimes signify a serious problem, such as a cracked heat exchanger. Cracked heat exchangers may trigger carbon dioxide leaks.

When you hear bangs or booms, turn the system off right away and then call a furnace technician. Expanding and contracting air ducts, or dirty burners, may also cause this issue, but only a well-trained furnace technician will know for sure.

Scraping Noises Need Immediate Attention

Scraping noises, which sound like metal being dragged against metal, need attention ASAP. These noises usually mean that components within the heating system are loose. These components will need to be tightened up or replaced, depending on what condition they’re in. In most cases, scraping sounds are a sign of a damaged or malfunctioning blower wheel. When a blower wheel isn’t working properly, a heating system won’t heat a home as well as it should.

Continual Rattling Noises Are a Warning Sign

Continual rattling noises generally mean that a furnace’s blower motor is failing. Consider these persistent noises to be a warning that your furnace assembly is going to give out completely. Get a technician to repair your furnace before it stops working, or expect some chilly nights in the foreseeable future.

If you hear these noises, contact our Sullivan Oil & Propane team today. We’ll provide superb furnace repair. maintenance, or replacement. Call us anytime at (610) 810-3992. We look forward to hearing from you.

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