When a furnace turns on and off more frequently than the average two to three times per hour and far too quickly to be able to perform a full heating cycle, that usually means something is defective. As a homeowner in Bath, PA, you need to know why this might happen. Here are three things that might cause the furnace in your home to short cycle.

1. A Malfunctioning Thermostat

Since your thermostat is essentially the brain of your entire HVAC system, it’s wise to suspect thermostat issues whenever your heating system short cycles. For example, your thermostat might have experienced a glitch or wiring problem that caused it to send incorrect signals to your furnace. Or it may simply need reprogramming.

2. Clogs

When it comes to the furnace itself, the first thing to consider is any type of clog. Clogged air filters are prime examples of this, as they can block airflow and cause overheating.

Flue pipes and gas lines can also have obstructions. The former get rid of gas exhaust, and the latter carry natural gas into your home for ignition. Clogs in either one can shut a heating system down or force short cycling.

Make an appointment with a professional HVAC technician to repair flue pipes and other gas-channeling furnace parts if they are causing short cycling. Luckily, you can replace air filters on your own.

3. Broken Parts

Some important heating system components, like the heat exchanger or thermocouple, might have cracks or other signs of damage. Any defective component that causes your furnace to detect heat inaccurately can cause short cycling.

It’s challenging to stay warm in your Bath, PA home if your furnace consistently short cycles. Count on our team to provide speedy, reliable solutions. Call Sullivan Oil & Propane and ask for our furnace services.

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