Thermostats have advanced greatly over the course of a century, going from settable to programmable and eventually Wi-Fi-run devices. Back in 2013, a study by Forrester discovered that 35% of adults wanted to know more about remotely managing their cooling and heating systems. The number has only grown since then, with many homeowners in Allentown, Pennsylvania, making the change to smart thermostats. Here are some the advantages of setting up a Wi-Fi thermostat in your own home.

Lower Energy Bills

The most well-known benefit of switching to a Wi-Fi thermostat is the reduction in your energy costs. They can save you money in several ways:

  • Letting you create independently controlled temperature zones.
  • Analyzing your patterns for cooling and heating to create energy-saving suggestions.
  • Adjusting temperatures automatically based on whether you’re away, sleeping, or at home.

The EPA’s Energy Star program states that you can save around $180 per year just by installing a high-tech thermostat. If true, a Wi-Fi thermostat could surpass its cost in savings in less than two years.

A More Comfortable Home

Wi-Fi thermostats can learn how to adapt to your schedule based on your adjustments. The thermostat will reduce your energy use when your family is out, but if your schedule changes, just log into your thermostat from an internet-connected device to make your home comfortable before you get back.

Maintenance Notices

Wi-Fi thermostats can provide maintenance notices to remind you to do simple maintenance or let you know if your system has a serious issue that must be attended to by a professional, like the technicians at Sullivan Oil and Propane.

With the latest in thermostat technology, there are many advantages that were lacking before Wi-Fi came along. These new internet-connected thermostats not only reduce energy costs but also keep you comfortable and help you maintain your heating and cooling systems. In order to determine which one might be right for your family, call the experts at Sullivan Oil and Propane at (610) 810-3992 today.

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