Your HVAC system circulates air to either cool or warm your house. This guide explores why airflow matters, how to improve it, and the benefits you can enjoy by doing so in Poconos, PA.

Unclog the Air Conditioning Vents

Your air conditioner pulls air in through the handler’s vents and pumps it through the air ducts. Slowing any part of the process restricts airflow in the system.

Unblock any AC vents to keep the air flowing. Many vents have closing systems that allow you to block the vents from the inside. Make sure that all the vents are open.

Clean the Vents in the HVAC System

Dust and debris that float around your house collect in the AC grill vents. They don’t have to go through the air conditioning system to get trapped in the vents. A gust of wind from outside will blow dirt into the ducts.

As the dirt accumulates, it can obstruct the airflow from the vents. Examine the vents from the inside to ensure that nothing is stuck.

Large lint balls, bits of paper and other light debris may collect in the vents. You can prevent this by wiping the vents down as part of your normal cleaning routine.

Make Sure to Use the Correct Filter

The HVAC filter is one of the most ignored devices in a cooling system. As filters get older, they clog up with all the dirt they collect. Be sure to replace yours at least every three months.

Also, make sure you’re using the correct filter. Tightly woven filters can catch more allergens, but they can also obstruct airflow. Select filters with a Microparticle Performance Rating (MPR) that is recommended for your particular system.

You should also use a filter with an appropriate Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. A MERV rating of 5 to 8 is suitable for most homes. A filter with this rating can provide good filtration and remove pollen and dust mites.

It isn’t hard to find a MERV filter that fits your filtration needs. This is how HVAC Training Shop categorizes the various MERV ratings and their applications:

  • MERV-1 to MERV- 4 – a basic filter that removes carpet fibers and lint, useful for light residential and Window units or split AC
  • MERV-5 to MERV-8 – a typical filter that blocks dust, pollen and some spores, suitable for most residential and commercial applications
  • MERV-9 to MERV-12 – a better filter that traps most spores, smog, fine dust and pet dander, good for protecting building occupants with allergies
  • MERV-13 to MERV-16 – a superior filter that blocks bacteria, viruses, smoke and other microscopic particles, useful for hospitals, smoking lounges and people with severe allergies

Locate and Repair Leaks

Air leaks alter the pressure in your home. It’s difficult to detect leaks without using the kind of special equipment that technicians carry to verify system output.

If you have any leaks in your system, they’ll affect the performance of your air conditioner. A professional can inspect your HVAC equipment to ensure that it’s well sealed.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance on a Regular Basis

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance to keep your air conditioner working well. Even with frequent use, weakening airflow may be a sign that your AC system is developing a problem. During maintenance appointments, our qualified technicians can detect problems before they become critical and assist you in identifying ways to improve the efficiency of your system.

Maintaining your heating and air conditioning on a regular schedule has many benefits. It provides you with a more comfortable home and enhanced indoor air quality by:

  • Keeping the heating and cooling system working at its best and delivering optimal energy efficiency
  • Reducing the risk of costly repairs later
  • Keeping the HVAC system quiet
  • Protecting the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning equipment

To schedule an HVAC system tune-up or learn more about preventive maintenance plans tailored for your specific needs, call us at Sullivan Oil & Propane today. We’re also ready to help with your air conditioning, heating, furnaces or fuel delivery in Poconos, PA.

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