Do-it-yourself projects are popular among Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, homeowners for good reason. Cutting out the middleman and taking on home projects yourself can be cost-effective when you have the right skill set, but at some point, DIY can turn into an overpriced nightmare. When it comes to HVAC services, hiring a professional can save you hundreds in equipment costs and energy, plus give you access to the latest HVAC technologies.

Here are just a few reasons experts recommend hiring a professional HVAC company.


HVAC service is one of those home maintenance tasks that actually costs less when performed by professionals. When you try to repair an HVAC system on your own, you run the risk of making things worse, which only costs you more money in the long run. This is because the average homeowner doesn’t have the required experience or equipment needed to diagnose and repair HVAC issues. If you break something in the process, a professional will need to come out anyway and fix the problem.

Unless you have been licensed and certified as a qualified HVAC technician, you should avoid any DIY tasks around your HVAC system and invest in our cost-effective maintenance and repair services.


Attempting to do HVAC repairs yourself is dangerous, especially when electrical issues are concerned. Also, in some cases, a damaged HVAC system can put your family at risk. For example, a burning electrical smell coming from your HVAC system could indicate an issue with the wiring or motor. In the worst-case scenario, this type of HVAC can catch fire, causing a significant amount of damage to your home.

Smelling rotten eggs in your home could mean there’s a leak in your furnace, but it’s best not to investigate. Instead, vacate the home and contact a professional to come and inspect the problem.

HVAC systems can also harbor mold and mildew. If you’ve smelled a musty odor, there’s a good chance your system has moisture issues or that mold is growing inside the ductwork. Many homeowners will try to combat this problem with DIY projects, such as adding a portable air purifier or dehumidifier in the affected rooms. This won’t get rid of the problem, however, since you need a professional HVAC technician to come in and do an air duct cleaning.


Unless you’ve dedicated your career to HVAC repair, you simply don’t have the skillset necessary to maintain, repair, or replace the various systems in your home. It takes very specific training to understand and repair a variety of HVAC systems. When you hire a licensed HVAC technician, you can be confident your system is in the best hands. Our HVAC experts know what warning signs to look for and can think on their feet, repairing issues quickly and effectively.


Our technicians have spent years working on HVAC systems and can diagnose fix the issue in a minimum amount of time. In most cases, we’ll be in and out of your home, allowing you to get back to your normal routine quickly and efficiently.


When was the last time you went over your HVAC system’s warranty? Unfortunately, if you try to repair your system on your own, you void your warranty altogether. That’s because most makes and models require you to schedule annual preventive maintenance and professional servicing as needed. Adhering to this rule not only ensures your HVAC system is kept in like-new shape, but it also allows you to take full advantage of your warranty for its entire lifetime.

Latest Tech

Companies like Sullivan Oil & Propane offer the latest HVAC products on the market. When you contact us for your regular servicing and repairs, feel free to ask about the most innovative products available. From ductless and geothermal systems to smart thermostats and indoor air quality technologies, we’ve got your needs covered.

Contact Sullivan Oil & Propane at (610) 810-3992 to schedule your next HVAC service. We’ll keep your system in top shape while helping you keep more money in your pocket. 

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