Installing a brand-new central HVAC system is often a large and demanding task. To remove some of the stress from the installation process in your Whitehall, PA home, here are a few things that we recommend doing in advance.

Make Room

An installation job entails technicians moving in and out of your house and carrying heavy machinery into and out of your home. The team needs to have room to do these things.

Not only will the team generally need to have the space required to operate, but it will also need free, unobstructed paths that it can pass through. Thus, we advise you to temporarily park your car somewhere other than in your driveway and move all large pieces of furniture away from doors and corridors. It’s also a good idea to clear paths to and away from both your garage and your electrical panel.

Be Available

HVAC installation is a complex job that, even under the best of circumstances, will likely take up most of an entire working day. The installation team will have to transport heavy equipment, interact with your electrical system, connect thermostats to your Wi-Fi network and do many other things. As the team is working, it will probably have questions to ask you about these matters, so your presence will make the job much easier.

We strongly recommend scheduling installation for a day when you can take off from work. If this is impossible, you should, try to arrange it so that someone you trust can be present to supervise the installation.

Get All Pets and Small Children Out of the Way

Small children and pets can make it even more difficult for the installation crew to do its job than scattered inanimate objects can. A dog or toddler scampering about as the team is working will only make accidents more likely. We recommend that you temporarily enclose any of your mobile pets in cages.

Get Your Wi-Fi Password Ready

HVAC systems have indoor and outdoor units, ducts, vents and various other parts that most are aware of, but many forget the thermostat. These days, the most advanced thermostats are all programmable and use smart technology, so technicians will have to hook a new thermostat up to your home Wi-Fi network as part of installation. Having your Wi-Fi network password on hand will make that process much easier.

Expect the Unexpected

Accidents and unforeseen discoveries can happen during any kind of major HVAC work, and it’s wise to try your best to anticipate as many odd or unpleasant contingencies as possible. For example, the installation crew might discover, in the course of a job, that your air ducts are dirty or leaking and may have to pause to clean or seal them. Alternatively, your electrical wiring may need to be upgraded or corrected.

Every professional HVAC installation crew should come with a few tools to stave off such issues, but having some of your own will only make the overall job run more smoothly. Having a preliminary appointment with your HVAC company to determine the ideal location and anticipated steps before installation would help alleviate some of these concerns.

The faster our team of technicians finishes installing a new system for you, the quicker you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a quality system. Follow the above advice, and you’ll be able to prepare your Whitehall, PA home more effectively. When you’re ready to go, call Sullivan Oil & Propane and ask for our HVAC installation services.

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