Bethlehem, PA has four distinct seasons, each with indoor climate concerns. As autumn approaches, there is relief from the summer heat and humidity, but the allergens of the fall season can affect air quality in your home. Installing an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) as part of your HVAC system can help you maintain a consistent home climate throughout the year.

Modern Home Construction and Indoor Air Quality

Modern homes have better materials and tighter construction than older structures. Sealed windows and minimal gaps slow the natural exchange of indoor and outdoor air. This improved construction lowers your home heating bills by increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Unfortunately, the lack of air exchange can bring another problem. Stale air tends to collect impurities like:

  • Dust particles
  • Pollen and other allergens
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Bacteria and viruses

Poor air quality can cause headaches, sleep issues and allergy symptoms. The lack of fresh air also makes it difficult to remove unpleasant odors. Adding ventilation to your system is a helpful way to improve this situation.

What Is an ERV?

An energy recovery ventilator is a piece of equipment that an HVAC company can add to your home climate system. Its main feature is a set of two fans: one to pull in fresh, outdoor air and one to push stale air outside.

For many homeowners, one of the concerns about adding ventilation is the loss of efficiency. In the fall and winter, if you bring in cold air from outside and send out warm air, you will increase your heating costs.

An ERV solves this problem by including a heat exchanger. This device transfers heat and moisture from the outgoing air to the incoming air. You will have the fresh air you need without compromising system efficiency.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

There is probably more floating in your home air than you realize. Every day, family members use aerosolized beauty products, cleaning products and cooking sprays.

These substances do not simply vanish after use. Without ventilation, they float in the air, slowly dispersing throughout your home. If it is in your air, you and your family members are breathing it.

For your health and well-being, it is critical to consider adding a ventilation solution. Along with other indoor air quality solutions like air purifiers, an ERV will help everyone in your home breathe easier.

Better Humidity Control

Residents of Bethlehem, PA know how it feels when the humidity gets high. Inside your home, extra moisture can encourage mold and mildew growth. Mold spores are another allergen that can make people feel unwell.

An ERV helps preserve a consistent home climate by exchanging moisture between the incoming and outgoing air streams. This technology can preserve moisture in the dry winter months and remove it during the humid summers.

A Better Smelling Home

Odors linger when the air becomes stale. You may get used to the smell, but guests to your home will notice it immediately.

Adding a ventilation system keeps the air circulating, sending odor molecules outside where they can dissipate. Smells can impact your mood, so improving unpleasant odors may help you feel better in your home.

Energy-Efficient Operation

An ERV can assist you in controlling your home climate costs. The simplest ventilation solution is opening a door or window. However, you will quickly notice your furnace doing extra work to maintain the indoor temperature.

During the heating season, you want fresh air without lost heat. The heat exchange technology in an ERV preserves the efficiency of your system.

The expert technicians at Sullivan Oil & Propane want to keep your Bethlehem, PA home comfortable in every season. If you are concerned about the air quality in your residence, contact us today because we are happy to provide an indoor air quality assessment and IAQ solutions like air purifiers and ERVs.

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