You can renovate many different aspects of your home. But HVAC system upgrades can boost your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your long-term running costs, helping to increase the value. Here are some tips on the best HVAC upgrades to increase the value of your home in Walnutport, PA.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient AC

An efficient, well-maintained air conditioning system can last up to 15 years. If your equipment is more than a decade old and shows signs of deterioration, it may be time for a replacement.

While a replacement is a considerable investment for many homeowners, it has many benefits for your home. A new energy-efficient system can reduce energy consumption even when humidity exceeds 80% in Northampton County’s spring weather.

New standards for 2023 and beyond require a minimum of 14 SEER for northern regions of the United States. Cooling systems with higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings usually have dual-stage compressors and variable speed motors. Such advanced features can precisely manage the airflow velocity and reduce your utility bills.

A new AC installation will make your home more attractive to buyers and will help you close the sale faster. An aging system may prompt prospective buyers to request a replacement before completing the purchase process. If you are unsure about the condition of your system, consult certified technicians for an AC inspection.

Upgrade Insulation to Boost Your Home Value

Even with an efficient air conditioning system, insulation is critical for comfort and energy consumption. Improper insulation will increase your home’s cooling load. Our team recommends an insulation upgrade to reduce your monthly utility bills.

Local building codes have insulation requirements for different parts of the house. For example, in Walnutport, the wall must have an R-value between 15 and 20. It is worth noting local authorities update the requirements routinely for new constructions.

But can an insulation upgrade boost your home value? According to NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), an investment of $2,000 can yield a 95% return. The 95% ROI excludes cost recovery from energy savings, which means that you can realize an even higher ROI if you include the utility bills reduction.

Therefore, an insulation upgrade is among the most valuable investments for your home. If you don’t intend to sell your home soon, you will still gain through energy savings. Certified technicians can provide more information on insulation and AC installations in Walnutport.

Enhance Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Another way you can boost your property value is to enhance indoor air quality. Pollutants can impact your home’s comfort in spring. Allergens and toxic compounds from outside the building could trigger complications for occupants with allergies and respiratory conditions.

Indoor air quality and comfort tend to be subjective, varying from one homebuyer to the next. But experts from EPA suggest IAQ is one of the most crucial factors in evaluating the quality of a building.

Therefore, improving indoor air quality makes your home more attractive to buyers. It boosts productivity and protects the health of occupants in the building.

Enhancing your home’s IAQ may involve the installation of an air cleaner, but you also have to ensure your air conditioner is working efficiently. An efficient AC can reduce moisture to prevent the spread of biological contaminants or allergens.

Consider a Smart Thermostat and Home Automation Systems

More homeowners are increasingly turning to smart systems for home comfort. Today, most homes in North America have a smart device. A smart thermostat can reduce your energy consumption by 10%, with its higher precision in temperature regulation.

Additionally, a smart thermostat can impact the time it takes to sell your home. Your property may appear outdated if it doesn’t have an automated system for heating and cooling. Installing a thermostat is a cost-effective way to boost your home’s value.

Before making any upgrades or repairs, consult licensed HVAC professionals for the best results. Our team offers 24/7 services in Lehigh Valley and its surroundings. Call Sullivan Oil and Propane emergency AC repair team for exceptional solutions in Walnutport.

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