The furnace is an important HVAC system that heats air and distributes it throughout your home via ducts and vents. Without maintenance issues may arise that could lower their efficiency in heating your home or even lead to a complete breakdown. Here are steps you can take to troubleshoot different problems with your furnace in Wind Gap, PA.

If the Furnace Won’t Start

There are various reasons that can make your heating system fail to start after you set your thermostat. You may need to turn a turned-off heating system switch back on or check to see if there is any delay before starting. You can also check to make sure your thermostat is set to heat your home rather than cool it.

Another cause could be that the circuit breaker tripped and continues to trip after you turn it back on. This may be as a result of a loose wire or other issues with the main circuit board. Having a professional service technician inspect your system will help to identify and fix the problem.

Dirty filters can make the heating system shut down due to inadequate airflow. Replacing or cleaning your air filters can help you avoid a serious mechanical failure with your heating system.

Furnace Short-Cycling

This is when your furnace burner lights, but the furnace soon turns off. This is usually caused by a faulty flame sensor or dirty air filters that may require replacement. You should consult a professional service technician to fix these issues and restore the efficiency of your heating system.

Problems With the Draft Motor

The draft motor or inducer motor removes hot combustion gases from the exhaust stack through the furnace. It may fail to start due to a faulty motor or capacitor, or it may start, but the furnace still fails to start. A blocked air intake or exhaust chimney can lead to these problems, and an HVAC service technician will be needed to fix them.

Furnace Blowing Cold Air

If your heating system is not producing hot air, you can check if it is getting enough power. Other possible reasons for a failing gas furnace are inadequate gas supply, a faulty gas valve, a faulty igniter or a faulty draft motor. You will need a service technician to fix or replace the faulty components in your heating system to restore comfort in your home.

Insufficient Heating

Your furnace may not be providing sufficient heating for your home, leading to cold and warm spots. Make sure your heating system is properly sized to meet your home’s heating requirements even on the coldest winter days.

Other potential problems include poorly installed filters or leaking ducts. You can have your ducts properly insulated and checked for holes that cause leaks and have them sealed.

Loud Noises

Your heating system may produce loud and unusual sounds that cause discomfort in your home. This is usually due to a bad bearing in the draft motor, a dirty air filter or a leak in the heating system cabinet. Fixing a loose bearing and components will help to reduce the noises and improve your comfort.

Your furnace may also produce air that smells bad, which may lower your indoor air quality. Foul odors are usually caused by dirty air filters or dead rodents inside your system. You can have a professional service technician inspect your furnace and ductwork to identify the source of the odors and eliminate it.

Blower Issues

The blower may run all the time and fail to shut off. Check whether the fan switch is set to “on” and not the “auto” mode, or the control board’s relays are stuck in a closed position. Professional service technicians can fix any problems with the blower.

Our team provides reliable heating maintenance and furnace repair services. Our service technicians are highly trained and provide 24-hour emergency service. Contact Sullivan Oil and Propane for all your HVAC maintenance and installation services.

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